7 Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, Arizona (2024)

Quartzite is a small town in southwestern Arizona with many cool historic sites. This town explodes with RV enthusiasts in the winter months, when it becomes a mecca for gem and mineral rockhounds, snowbirds, off-grid boondockers and more.

Quartzite is extremely RVer friendly, and has some great campgrounds with a variety of vibes.Over our 5 years of full-time RV life, we’ve visited Quartzsite more than a handful of times

Today we’re sharing the best RV parks in Quartzsite, Arizona. But, we have many Quartzsite resources!

Here’s a few more:

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Pro Tip: When researching RV parks we recommend using Campground Reviews. They have the most quality reviews in our opinion.

7 Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, Arizona (1)

#1 Shady Lane RV Park

Price: $25/night ($37/January), $162-$240 weekly, $325 monthly (not January) plus electric.

Miles to Downtown: Walkable to most attractions.

Why You’ll Love It: The Campiest Campground in Quartzite” is walking distance to everything, has group campfires, shuffleboard, clean restrooms, full hookups, laundry on-site, and they have campers for rent by the night.

What’s The Word: “Super nice folks, great value.” “Easy, friendly reservations.” (CampgroundReviews.com)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 9/10

#2 Burrwood RV Park

Price: $36 daily, $265/monthly (January $395), $1295 season (Oct 1-April 30).

Miles to Downtown: 5 miles

Why You’ll Love It: Burrwood RV Park is for over 55 folks, and has desert sand golf, hiking, prospecting, and direct access to federal land for those that want to explore via ATV.

There are many park activities in the main hall including cards, potlucks, crafts, and socials for the residents.

What’s The Word: “So relaxing, great people, next time I’m staying a month.” “Best access to ATV riding on BLM land.” (Google Reviews)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 8/10

7 Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, Arizona (2)

#3 88 Shades RV Park

Price: $29 nightly, $195 weekly, $295 monthly ($395 January/February) plus electric.

Miles to Downtown: Center of town!

Why You’ll Love It: With 24-hour check-ins, you don’t have to worry about late arrivals. 88 Shades RV Park has a recreation hall with daily activities, an RV wash, an oil change station, a dog wash, and an off-leash area.

Very unique for an RV park, they have high-end lapidary (stone cutting and polishing) equipment available and weekly classes.

What’s The Word: “We stayed for a month, then came back the next year for the entire season. Felt like home.” (CampgroundReviews.com)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 9.5/10

#4 Holiday Palms RV Park

Price: $36-$42, $215-$250 weekly, $450-$525 monthly (plus electric)

Miles to Downtown: Centrally located

Why You’ll Love It: With paved streets, and 245 spots, there is a place for you at Holiday Palms. There are horseshoes, pickleball, game room, hot tub, recreation trail, a car wash, and more.

What’s The Word: “Geared more towards long term/seasonal.” “One of the only parks with pavement, people are very friendly and staff is professional.” (CampgroundReviews.com)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 9/10

#5 Quail Run RV Park

Price: $38 ($40 January), $207 weekly ($280 January), $325 monthly ($495 January plus electric)

Miles to Downtown: 1.5

Why You’ll Love It: Quail Run RV Park is open year-round, unlike some in Quartzite, and the sites have concrete patios, paved streets, and full hookups. The clubhouse has a kitchen facility, and many group scheduled activities during high season.

What’s The Word: “Staff was nice, the park was clean.” “WiFi isn’t the best and pet limits at 25 pounds.” “Nothing fancy, close to downtown but not in the busy areas.” (Campgroundreviews.com)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 7/10

#6 Park Place RV Park

Price: $29, ($35-47 January), $175-$200 summer, $250 winter monthly, ($495 January)

Miles to Downtown: 1.5

Why You’ll Love It: Also open year-round, Park Place has 88 gravel spots, covered RV storage for off-season, laundry facilities, and group activities in winter including live music and a dance floor.

What’s The Word: “Close to the desert so you can walk and explore.” “Not much road noise.” (CampgroundReviews.com)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 8/10

#7 Riggles RV and Event Center

Price: $25 ($35 January) daily, $160 weekly ($250 January), $300 monthly ($450 January)

Miles to Downtown: walking distance

Why You’ll Love It: A small and quiet park, there is a restroom facility and pay laundry. Gravel sites, easy access. Riggles is a no frills park that is also part of the Passport America discount program (not January).

What’s The Word: “Easy on and off freeway, but some noise.” “Plenty of open desert to let the dogs off-leash.” (CamproundReviews.com)

Quartzsite AZ RV Park Vibe: 7/10

7 Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, Arizona (3)

Trip Planning to Quartzsite RV Parks

There are numerous campgrounds in Quartzsite, many of which are aimed at seasonal snowbird residents with group activities during the winter.

Generally, the feel is casual with gravel spots, desert open space, pay laundry, and full hook-ups. Each park has a slightly different feel from the over 55 crowd to the more pet-friendly and even resort-style with paved streets and fancier services aimed at the long term resident.

Depending on how long you’re staying and what vibe you are looking for, there is sure to be a park to fit your style, but book ahead for busy January and February!

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7 Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, Arizona (2024)


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