Bumble Prompts Answers To Get More Matches (2024)

Navigating online dating apps can be tricky and overwhelming at times. With over42 million monthly users, Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps in the U.S. That’sa lotof competition. If you’re looking for new ways you can stand out from your competition in the online dating world, you’ve come to the right place.

How you create and build your Bumble profile depends on your personality, your dating goals, and what you’re looking to get from the app. A strong and eye-catching bio is important to attracting higher quality matches and getting you closer to finding your ideal partner.

If you struggle with writing a strong Bumble bio, Bumble prompts can be a great solution for you. These are Bumble prompts and Bumble prompt answers for guys to use to get you more matches and dates.

You may be scratching your head at some of these prompts. Every response just feels unnatural. You should get help from ROAST. ROAST has studied what works on Bumble, so they’ll be able to write something for you that objectively sounds good and reflects you. Don’t worry about your responses anymore; let ROAST help you write them instead.

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  1. Examples Of Bumble Prompts And Bumble Prompt Answers To Use
  2. What Are Bumble Prompts?
  3. Tips To Help You Write Your Bumble Prompts And Bumble Prompt Answers

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Examples Of Bumble Prompts And Bumble Prompt Answers To Use

You'll want to use only the best Bumble Prompts and Bumble prompt responses with your matches to show them your best self. Let your potential matches get to know you with these great Bumble profile prompts and prompt answers.

1. Two truths and a lie

One of the best Hinge prompt answers for guys is two truths and a lie, and on Bumble its no different. Two truths and a lie is a classic Bumble prompt to use and works as a great conversation starter. It will have your matches eager to know more about you and all you need are 3 interesting, eye-catching statements. Here are a few examples that you can use on your profile:

  • I can hold 12 eggs in my hand. I make an amazing carbonara. I accidentally went to a Taylor Swift concert.

  • I'm a great cook. Joe Biden is my distant cousin. I speak four languages.

  • I've worked as a barista. I'm a dog owner. California has banned me from entering the state.

2. I’m hoping you…

This is one of the best bumble prompt answers for you to show matches what qualities you're looking for in a partner. Is there something you hope to do or share with your partner? Use this Bumble prompt as a way to let matches know what you're looking for, and find matches that share the same values as you. Here are a few answers you can use for this prompt:

  • Love trying new food as much as I do.

  • Don't mind making snacks and watching movies on the weekends.

  • Are looking for a genuine, fun & fulfilling relationship.

These are sweet. Do they fit with your profile? That’s the big question; there are infinite combinations between picture and bio, so you can only make a judgment call. There are professionals who consistently make the right judgment calls, because they’ve studied what works on Bumble. ROAST is that team of professionals. They’ll work and rework your prompt responses until they're perfect, netting you more likes and more matches on Bumble. Try ROAST today.

3. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be…

This bumble prompt works as a great conversation starter and gives your matches a chance to talk about their favorite food. You can use your Bumble answers to list your favorite restaurants and suggest going on a date there with your match! Try using these conversation starter prompt answers:

  • Eataly's spaghetti bolognese.

  • Movie theatre popcorn.

  • All you can eat sushi at the sushi bar on my street.

4. My third-grade teacher described me as…

You can have a bit of fun with this funny Bumble prompt. List some funny Bumble answers that will make your match laugh and break the ice by starting a conversation with you.

  • A little too into jello.

  • A tough cookie.

  • The one always eating something they shouldn't be.

5. I’m a great +1 because…

Show off your best qualities with this Bumble prompt. Think of a favorite quality of yours and put it on the list to showcase your best self online. Use this prompt on your Bumble profile to let matches know you make a great +1 and make just as good a date in your dating life too.

  • I have a knack for fashion.

  • I will dance to any kind of music like no one's watching.

  • I crack the best dad jokes around.

6. I promise I won’t judge you if…

Everyone has insecurities. This Bumble bio is perfect for making your match feel more comfortable and secure about themselves while keeping things playful at the same time. Show your matches you're not judgemental and can poke fun at yourself too with these Bumble answers for guys:

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What Are Bumble Prompts?

Intimidated by endless prompts?

Relax! Our Prompt Generator will choose and craft the perfect promptfor you!

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Bumble prompts are conversation starters that are either questions that are designed for you to answer or the beginning of statements for you to fill in the blank. Bumble bios can be tricky to navigate and since you only have a few sentences to show off your personality, you’ll want to make it count. If you don’t enjoy writing about yourself or struggle to put your thoughts into words– Bumble bios are your new best friend.

These Bumble hacks will give your potential matches an easy starting point to start an engaging conversation with you. While Hinge voice prompts let you use a voice recording to answer the prompt, Bumble only requires text.

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Tips To Help You Write Your Bumble Prompts And Bumble Prompt Answers

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Once you choose a few Bumble prompts you want to use on your profile, the next step is to answer them in a way that will catch the attention of your potential matches and get them eager to message you. These tips will help you come up with the best Bumble prompt answers to get you more matches.

1. Capture Her Attention

You’ll want to capture the attention of your potential matches and one great way to do that is by putting time and effort into your responses. Carefully curated responses will show your matches that you care and will win you more matches overall.

Of course, hours spent crafting the best message can just lead you further astray. You need a mix of easygoing and thought-out. If this sounds like an impossible equation, don’t worry. There are experts who can solve it for you and leave you with the perfect answers. ROAST has studied Bumble and other dating apps for years, and they know better than anyone else what leads to success. Let ROAST help you write your prompt answers.

2. Keep Your Answers Open

When your Bumble prompt answers are open and easy to respond to, you’re more likely to get responses from your matches. If you choose the “beach or mountains” prompt– all you’re giving is your answer and it leaves little room to get the conversation started.

3. Show Your Intentions

It’s important that you know what you’re looking for on Bumble before choosing and answering the Bumble prompts. Girls love a guy who shows his intentions right off the bat. This will help you find matches that you genuinely like and share interests with.

4. Be Funny And Playful

Rather than keeping things super serious, lighten up the mood by being funny and playful. Funny Bumble prompt answers will break the ice and make your match comfortable in starting a conversation with you.

A playful message can be read a million different ways. Don’t leave anything to chance; make sure your prompts convey the right vibe. ROAST will ensure that they do. ROAST is a service designed to make your profile look professionally-made. Quit wondering what works — just go with what works! Try ROAST today.

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Now that you know everything there is to know about curating the perfect Bumble profile with these Bumble prompts and answers, you're ready to spice up your own profile. Use these best Bumble prompt answers to get you more matches and hopefully, more dates.

If you need some inspiration, it doesn't hurt to check out some Hinge prompt answers to give you that spark of creativity.

Are you going to just copy and paste these? Don’t do that. What if someone else does the same thing? You should work with a dating-app expert so you can formulate even better answers. ROAST is a team of experts like that, and they’ll help you strike exactly the right tone in your bio. Get your responses written for you by ROAST so you can just hop on and start talking!

Before you leave, make sure you stand out more in the dating scene!
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Bumble Prompts Answers To Get More Matches (2024)


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