Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (2024)

Bumble is one of the few dating apps that requires users to fill out their profile in full.

This is because Bumble thinks that the more personal information offered the more meaningful a connection you’ll create.

I tend to agree.

One of the best ways to show off your personality is via a Bumble prompt.

Bumble asks users to fill out three Bumble prompts before they’re allowed to get their swipe on.

One of the most popular prompts as of late has to be the “Favorite quality in a person…” Bumble prompt.

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You might think that prompts are overrated and that no one will read them.

While that might be the case, unlike other dating apps, users are required to scroll past a prompt answer in order to see the next photo. It’s this UX decision that makes Bumble one of the least superficial apps on the market and as such means it’s vital to write a compelling answer to your prompt of choice.

With that said let’s dig into the best “Favorite quality in a person” Bumble responses out there.

“Favorite Quality In A Person” Bumble Examples

The following responses are 100% original.

While I encourage you to pen your own unique response I can’t say I’d mind if you stole a response or two.

My job is to make your online profile as worthy of a right swipe as possible and to find you a partner ASAP.

If that means stealing a Bumble prompt response, go ahead.

Now… let’s get macking.

1) Straight Up Kindness

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (2)

There’s being kind to strangers and then there’s being so kind to strangers that they try to financially thank you for your kindness.

With these Bumble prompts it can be tempting to talk about all the things you want in a partner (the prompt is designed that way). But when writing your prompt (and when thinking about what qualities to speak on) you’re really telling her more about yourself than you’d think.

Choosing to write about kindness suggests that you value it above all else and that you too are kind. Only expect her level of whatever quality you desire to be as impressive as your own.

2) Straight Up Kindness

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (3)

How important is family to you?

If you’re choosing to write about it in one of your three Bumble prompts I’m gonna assume it’s pretty damn important.

Ask yourself if this is the message you want to be sending.

If it is, go ahead and write about your family values.

Remember that each prompt is a form of bait.

You my friend are a fisherman.

The thing is, only certain types of fish like certain types of bait.

If you’re looking for a family-oriented women, go ahead and use this bait. However, if a fish of a different quality floats your boat, use a different bait.

3) Snow White Vibes

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (4)

Hey who doesn’t want to date Snow White (sans the whole zombie thing).

But look, women spend about 3 seconds looking at a profile before swiping.

They have thousands of options and know that they have a pretty high match-rate.

If your profile isn’t giving her what she’s looking for, she’ll swipe on.

I say this to emphasize the importance of investing in your prompt response.

As you swipe you’ll see many a user, simply write one word responses to a prompt like this one.

They’ll be annoyed with having to complete three prompts and quickly write, “amiable” and be on their merry way.

These people won’t be scoring matches anytime soon.

You what little precious real estate Bumble offers.

Expand on your prized quality and make her laugh, learn more about you, or at the very least stay a couple more seconds longer on your profile.

The more time she invests interacting with your profile the more likely it is she’ll swipe right.

4) Tell Her What You Like

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (5)

The question is set up so that the responder only mentions one quality he likes in a woman.

Yet only talking about one thing in a prompt isn’t a good use of space.

Instead, the response above lists three things that the users is looking for in a woman:

  • Humility
  • Polyglot
  • Someone who travels

Give her as many things to latch on to as possible.


With Bumble, women must message first.

The easiest way to convince her to shoot you a message is to offer up information that resonates with her.

Do so by talking about your many interests and things you look for in a partner.

5) Nice One

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (6)

Is it a quality?

Ehh, sure.

Perhaps more like a fetish but we’ll let it slide.

Feel free to slot your name into this prompt response and hang back as the matches come in.

This response might not say much about who you are but it certainly makes you stand out and that’s more than you can say for 95% of responses.

A Word On Photos

I don’t want to mislead you.

Writing humorous Bumble prompts that show off your personality are super important.

But as anti-superficial as Bumble might be, photos are still super important.

So important that it’s worth optimizing your photo roster.

Here’s how you’re going to do it.

When it comes to creating the perfect photo roster keep these tips in mind:

  • No selfies
  • Never obscure your face
  • Group shots only after the second photo
  • Keep the shirt on
  • HD photos
  • Wear something different in every photo
  • No photos with a former partner or female friends (groups shots are okay)

Now let’s break down your photos one by one.

First Photo

The first photo should tell her exactly what you look like. This means it has to be a close-up headshot. Make sure the photo is HD and has a decent background.

Don’t forget to smile!

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Second Photo

The second should be a full-body shot.

Sure she knows what your face looks like but now she wants to know if you have all your limbs. You could just take a bathroom selfie from a distance, but everyone does this. It’s low value and there are literally a billion other full-body shots that would look better.

Here’s just one of them.

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (8)

Third Bumble Photo

Now that she knows what you look like, it’s time to start showing her who you are.

Do so with hobby shots.

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (9)

Fourth Shot

Let her know you have friends.

You’re an amiable guy right?

In her eyes, you’re a complete stranger. She’ll be comforted knowing that you have friends and that other humans want to be around you.

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (10)

Fifth/Sixth Shots

Bumble only allows for six photos.

Be sure to upload all six. Doing so will give her ample information about who you are. Information is what she’s on the lookout for considering you’re a complete stranger. She wants to fill in the blanks.

She wants to know what you like to do when you’re not talking to strangers online, about your job, family, values, how you kick back on Sundays, etc.

For these last two photos I recommend uploading either a sporty, GQ, or dog photo.

Each of these types has seen good results on dating apps.

Alright, back to the favorite quality in a person examples….

6) Damn That Moderna’s Sexy

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (11)

If these were normal times you probably wouldn’t say that your favorite quality is that they have never injected disinfectant.

But these aren’t normal times.

As of writing, nearly 800k Americans have died of COVID.

We finally have a vaccine yet many Americans refuse to get it. If you’re pro-vaccine (or anti-vaccine) make your preferences known.

Doing so will quickly filter out people that you’re not compatible with.

7) Court Her With Pet Peeves: Favorite Quality In A Person

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (12)

When in doubt talk about pet peeves.

Talking little things that annoy you but not everyone else is a quick way to build rapport with a stranger.

It’s likely that she’ll agree with your response and promptly shoot you a message.

Some other common pet peeves you might include are:

  • Eating fuzzy fruit
  • Singing or humming or talking on a phone or making literally any audible noise on an elevator
  • Napkin stealers
  • People that don’t take shoes off when they come into your home
  • When you’re cooking and a roommate asks what you’re cooking (cause they clearly want your food)
  • Ordering different food of varying prices and insisting everyone splits the bill equally

8) We All Need That Person

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (13)

Everyone wants someone that can read their body language and rescue them when need be.

A soldier that will put themselves on the front line and swoop in for the rescue.

In reality, this isn’t anyone’s favorite quality in a person.

The key to penning a quality Bumble prompt isn’t writing a truthful one.

It’s all about writing one that grabs the reader’s attention.

If I were being truthful I’d write one-word responses — but this isn’t going to get you noticed.

Be weird and expand on your favorite quality by providing the reader with examples that they can see and feel.

9) Listen To Your Ears: Favorite Quality In A Person

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (14)

If you haven’t used Spotify Blend yet you need to check it out.

It allows you and another user to not only create a playlist together (done automatically by Spotify) but also shows you how similar your music tastes are.

For those that struggle to ask for a woman’s phone number on dating apps, this gives you the perfect excuse to ask for hers.

Ideally, you use a TDL to ask her out or ask for her number, but if you’re not ready for that, ask for her number so you can learn your Blend score.

To do so simply write her…

So before we go on our first date I need to know if we’re musically compatible. Want to give me your number so I can invite you to create a Spotify Blend?

Also, remember that Bumble allows you to connect your Spotify and IG.

Doing so gives her more personal info and thus will humanize you and open the door for more in-depth connections to be made.

10) Find Your Person

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (15)

Offering up first-date ideas within prompts is a great idea.

Should she comment on a prompt like this one you’re just a few messages away from asking her to accompany you for trivia this Thursday.

Regardless of the prompt I highly encourage broaching date ideas or activities.

They not only show her how you spend your free time but also give her a taste of what dating you will look like.

Should you two have a hobby in common chances are you’ll not only match but enjoy that shared interest on your first date.

Swiping Forward

What are you going to do with this newfound knowledge?

Are you going to copy and paste one of the prompt responses or write your own?

Will you upload new photos to your Bumble and change up your messaging strategy?

When it comes to online dating the competition is rough.

Men far outnumber women and only the most appealing profiles will get attention.

If you need a little help putting together a profile that gets noticed by the women you’re compatible with, then it’s time you optimized your profile.

In my coaching program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of online dating.

You’ll learn how to talk to women online, which photos are working for you, how to ask them out, and of course how to MegaDate.

Book a 1-on-1 Zoom session with me or a member of my team today so we can learn about your romantic goals and see if our program is right for you.

Top 10 "Favorite Quality in a Person" Bumble Answers for Guys (2024)


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